VuExplorer Institute is a certified professional training center fully dedicated to ophthalmic imaging.

Close to technological innovations, VuExplorer Institute builds its programs on 3 major points:

Applying theoretical knowledge to the practical evolutions of imaging.

  • Renewing its teachings through the experiences of the best imaging specialists and the latest equipment.
  • Tailored training for each actor: ophthalmologists, technicians and manufacturers staff.
  • Each program is organized throughout the year with the highest level of scientific speakers.

VuExplorer Institute is a development and research center.

VuExplorer Institute is also involved in eye imaging research and development, with dedicated medicals and clinical researchers working on:

  • Development of programs for new generations of ophthalmic imaging machines with partnership of main manufacturers.
  • Statistical analyses of the different imaging procedures.
  • Development and editing of specific softwares dedicated to eye imaging and image flow management.
  • Publishing eye imaging reference material.

VuExplorer Institute
4 rue des Grandes Terres

Phone : +33 1 84 20 11 13
Fax : +33 1 40 26 13 26
Mail : contact@vuexplorer.com

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